Wandering Between Worlds

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Band Name Julian Sas
Album Name Wandering Between Worlds
Type Box Set
Data wpisu 13 Styczeń 2009
Styl muzycznyBlues Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Resurrection
2. Funky News
3. Ain´t No Change
4. Sailin´ into the Unknown
5. Turpentine Moan
6. Burnin´ Soul
7. The Way It Goes
8. Can´t Settle Down
9. Sugarcup Boogie
10. Blues for J
11. I Take What I Want
12. The Devil Got My Number
13. This Time My Time
14. Boogie All Around
1. First Days
2. Helpin´ Hand
3. Blues for the Lost and Found
4. That´s Enough for Me
5. Morning Rain