The Very Best of the Pretty Things

lista zespołów Psychedelic Rock The Pretty Things The Very Best of the Pretty Things
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Band Name The Pretty Things
Album Name The Very Best of the Pretty Things
Type Compilation
Data wpisu 15 Wrzesień 2003
Styl muzycznyPsychedelic Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Rosalyn
2. Don't Bring Me Down
3. Honey I Need
4. I Can Never Say
5. Cry to Me
6. Sittin' All Alone
7. Midnight to Six Man
8. Come See Me
9. L.S.D.
10. A House in the Country
11. Me Needing You
12. Progress
13. Children
14. Death of a Socialite
15. Photographer
16. Defecting Grey
17. Mr. Evasion
18. Talkin' About the Good Times
19. Walking Through My Dreams
20. Private Sorrow
21. The Good Mr. Square
22. October 26
23. Cold Stone
24. Stone-Hearted Mama
25. Havana Bound
26. Tonight