Show of Hands

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Band Name Robert Fripp
Album Name Show of Hands
Type Album
Data wpisu Czerwiec 1991
Wydawcy EG Records
Styl muzycznyProgressive Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Listen
2. Eye Of The Needle
3. Askesis
4. Bicycling To Afghanistan
5. Here Comes My Sweetie
6. An Easy Way
7. Scaling The Whales
8. The Moving Force
9. A Connecticut Yankee In The Court Of King Arthur
10. This Yes
11. Are you Abel? (Ready And Able To Rock 'N' Roll)
12. Spasm For Juanita
13. Hard Times
14. Burning Siesta
15. Empty Magazine
16. Circulation
17. Chiara
18. Asturias
19. Ease God's Sorrow