Ratatat Remixes Volume 2

lista zespołów Electronic Rock Ratatat Ratatat Remixes Volume 2
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Band Name Ratatat
Album Name Ratatat Remixes Volume 2
Type Album
Data wpisu 2007
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyElectronic Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Stomp (cover. Young Buck, The Game & Ludacris)
2. Party & Bullshit (cover. Notorious B.I.G.)
3. Allure (cover. Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.)
4. The Mule (cover. Z-Ro, Devin the Dude & Juvenile)
5. Shorty Wanna Ride (cover. Young Buck)
6. Glock Nines (cover. Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z)
7. Freestyle (Cover. Despot)
8. Alright (Cover. Memphis Bleek)
9. Three Kings (Cover. Slim Thug, T.I. & Bun-B)
10. Over Here (Cover. Young Jeezy & Bun-B)
11. Diamonds (Cover. Kanye West)
12. Freestyle (Cover. Beans)
13. Dead Wrong (Cover. Notorious B.I.G.)
14. We Gon' Ride (Cover. Saigon & U.G.K.)