Out There (Bootleg)

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Band Name Dinosaur Jr.
Album Name Out There (Bootleg)
Type Bootleg
Data wpisu 1997
Styl muzycznyAlternativ Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


Tracks 1 to 9 recorded live at Riddarholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, 13.08.1997
Tracks 10 to 12 recorded live in Cologne, Germany, 17.08.1997
1. Out There
2. Never Bought It
3. Repultion
4. Feel The Pain
5. Set Me
6. Freak Scene
7. Sladge Fest
8. Alone
9. So What Else Is New?
10. Lung
11. Can't We Move This Alone
12. Just Like Heaven

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Dinosaur Jr.