Oceans Apart

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brak oceny
Nazwa zespołu The Go-Betweens
Tytuł płyty Oceans Apart
Type Album
Data wpisu 2005
Gatunek muzycznyIndie Rock
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album1


Released on CD and vinyl.
1. Here Comes a City
2. Finding You
3. Born to a Family
4. No Reason to Cry
5. Boundary Rider
6. Darlinghurst Nights
7. Lavender
8. The Statue
9. This Night’s for You
10. The Mountains Near Dellray
Bonustracks cd live
1. People Say
2. He Lives My Life
3. The Wrong Road
4. Bye Bye Pride
5. When People Are Dead
6. Streets of Your Town