No One To Follow

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Band Name Anti-Clockwise
Album Name No One To Follow
Type Album
Data wpisu 2007
Wydawcy Som Livre
Styl muzycznyPunk-Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Last Train to my Mind
2. Slap Your Face and Wake Up
3. No Feelings Day
4. Beauty Paranoia
5. Fashion Up the Ass
6. Put Your Mask on
7. Cocksucking (Your Way to the Top)
8. Stay Cool, Stay Beautiful
9. Kknocked Out (You Got Me so)
10. Mental Diahrroea
DVD Bonus:
1. Wainting For the Chaos (Promo video clip)
2. Sad Songs Don't Make me Cry (Promo video clip)
3. Fucked Up the Brain (Promo video clip)
4. Beauty Paranoia (Promo video clip)

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