Light of My Town

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Band Name Little Bob Story
Album Name Light of My Town
Type Album
Data wpisu 1980
Wydawcy RCA Records
Styl muzycznyRock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


Re-Issue on CD in 2005 by Sony/BMG
1. Switchblade Julie 04:15
2. Golden Jail 03:50
3. Rockin' Down My Street 01:47
4. Women on My Side 03:09
5. Steely Blue Morning 03:43
6. Bus Stop 02:17
7. The Game (We Are Playing Here) 03:11
8. Go Boy 05:25
9. Song for the Blind 02:28
10. Light of My Town 02:58
Total playing time 33:03
Bonustracks (CD Release)
11. Get Out My Way
12. She's a Heartbreaker
13. You Don't Need to Know
14. Friend and Me

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Little Bob Story