Hurra die Rattles Kommen

lista zespołów Rock The Rattles Hurra die Rattles Kommen
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Band Name The Rattles
Album Name Hurra die Rattles Kommen
Type Album
Data wpisu 1965
Wydawcy Star-Club
Styl muzycznyRock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Come on and Sing
2. It's My Fault
3. A Lonely Man
4. No No
5. She's the One
6. I'm Coming Home
7. Dance
8. Que Sera
9. Hold Me
10. Swinging on a Star
11. Doctor Casey
12. If You Don't Come Back
13. Little Queenie
14. Rockin' Pneumonia
15. Candy to Me
16. Las Vegas
17. Lean Jean 17
18. Love of My Life
19. Say Alright