Faces of the Moment

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Band Name Save Our Souls
Album Name Faces of the Moment
Type EP
Data wpisu 18 Wrzesień 2005
Wydawcy Self-Released
Styl muzycznyEmo
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


Recorded when the band's name was CHIBA-KEN.
1. Broken Faces
2. Urban America
3. Forward
4. Die for Me
5. A Simple Explosion
6. Holy Water
7. The Distance from Here

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Save Our Souls

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Artykuł @ Jan91

22 Sierpień 2010
Faces of the Moment is the first full CD of the band I have bought in a German webstore after I listened to their promo song ''Hard to Be Human'' (from the self-named album released in April 2009).

At the beginning I hated such music because I haven't seen any reason to write about such themes like in the Emo genre but today I know why people write about those critical themes.

Singer George William write the music and lyrics of all songs and it handles about the sadder side of love (Hard to Be Human for example) and social critics in the American society (most songs). There is a deep-seeded anger that comes through in much of George William's lyrics as he deals with social and personal injustices in a dark satirical manner.

Well now we come to the cover. It is not to empty but not to glamorous also. The cover shows a bloody hand in front of a write background. In the inner side there is a body of woman. The face can't be seen in a good quality. Tenille De Freitas and Danielle Elyse Romano were asked by the band to be cover models of the EP. Well chosen;)... The cover and the layout was done by ex-bassist Joshau Jaffe.

Well now I come to the bad side of the EP. I don't have a booklet with any lyrics so I can't write anything about them (this is the reason why the EP gets 19 points and not full 20)...

Janelle Jones of Scretch Music Magazine described the songs as similarly beautiful, troubled, melancholy feel supplemented songs with the occasional screamy, aggressive parts. Only the song Holy Water was described as "weak" be her.

opponion: The EP is not good for everyone but it is good for people who can feel with the musicians of the Emo music genre.

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