Cardboard Country

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Band Name Vice Squad
Album Name Cardboard Country
Type Album
Data wpisu 2014
Styl muzycznyPunk-Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. And Then You Die
2. Everybody's in a Band Today
3. If I Knew What I Know Today
4. The World Is Wrong
5. Hard Times
6. Cardboard Country
7. Punk Police
8. Colour of Your Money
9. Punk Star
10. Too Much Paranoia
11. PVC
12. Hallelujah Karma
13. Electronic Eye
DISK 2 (Limited Edition 6 Track EP)
1. Everything Is Getting Worse
2. The Professional
3. Sex People
4. Electronic Eye (Original Mix)
5. Hallelujah Karma (Original Version)
6. The World Is Wrong (Reprise)