Beat the Devils Tattoo

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Band Name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Album Name Beat the Devils Tattoo
Type Album
Data wpisu 08 Marzec 2010
Styl muzycznyRock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album9


1. Beat the Devil's Tattoo 03:47
2. Conscience Killer 03:47
3. Bad Blood 05:11
4. War Machine 03:59
5. Sweet Feeling 03:27
6. Evol 05:53
7. Mama Taught Me Better 04:46
8. River Styx 03:55
9. The Toll 03:38
10. Aya 05:39
11. Shadow's Keeper 06:12
12. Long Way Down 04:34
13. Half-State 10:20
Total playing time 1:05:04
Bonustracks (Limited Edition)
14. 1.51 05:33
15. Martyr 05:12
Bonustracks (iTunes Version)
14. 1.51 05:33
15. Martyr 05:12
16. Annabel Lee 04:10

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Artykuł @ ChristopherJRM

17 Listopad 2010
There's not much to say about this new album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to people who already knew them before. We know the essence from previous records. In general, it's some sort of of Alternative noisy music. BMRC don't just limit themselves to play their instruments and do a good Garage Rock, with the badass attitude of some motards gang (like the name may suggest). They like to do it in a noisier way, an identifiable soun quality, some that makes them unique and may distinguish them from other bands in the same bag, like The Dandy Warhols. This, we already know from previous records. The albums sequence is what makes the previous album "The Effects of 333" be so important when one wants to talk about this new one. So what did the band do? An instrumental album. Noise? Ambient? Anything. What's certain is that that album sounded like BRMC but without the musical and melodic part. The more confusing record to fans, that this band could do. Quoting themselves: "no apologies, no lyrics, no regrets, just abstract.". The importante that this record has on the actual one, is the fact that the returh to the usual of this "Beat the Devil's" works as fresh air after the previous cacophonous bet. Maybe if there wasn't that desastruous CD in the middle, this new one, after "Baby 81" would sound a little repetitive - even they always ad a few new points here and there, what a decent band is supposed to do. Because, describing this work, one can say, that in a general point of view, take the previous records as the main idea. We got that sound that is familiar to us, the messy-noisy-meets-melodic, like in the first track "Beat the Devil's Tattoo". Something else to point out would be the acoustic songs, more "balladesque", that show influence from other days' Folk Rock, like "Sweet Feeling" and "The Toll". Something to be positively distinguished could also be the closing 10-minutes track "Half-State", fearing that just for the less appreciators of this may find it annoying and dragged. Nothing new, but for the fans, it means it will be as addictive as any other.

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