Approaching Normal

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Band Name Blue October
Album Name Approaching Normal
Type Album
Data wpisu 24 Marzec 2009
Styl muzycznyAlternativ Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. Weight of the World
2. Say It
3. Dirt Room
4. Been Down
5. My Never
6. Should Be Loved
7. Kangaroo Cry
8. Picking Up Pieces
9. Jump Rope
10. Blue Skies
11. Blue Does

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22 Sierpień 2010
Approaching Normal, produced by singer Justin Furstenfeld and co-produced by Steve Lillywhite is Blue October's fifth studio album released at the label Universal Music Production.

The name Approaching Normal is wordplay singer-songwriter Furstenfeld says in an interview with last year. The differents between this album and the other releases are that the lyrics do not handels about depression he have. He said that he feels stronger and not longer as victim he said.

And so is the effect: The songs handels about life, love and about his little daughter he called "Blue".

Well the first song handels about his problem with drugs he had in his life but this is the only song use this thematic.

The next song "Say It" use the situation that he feels stronger and not as a victim.

The fifth song, "My Never" was written by Furstenfeld because he toured with the famous author Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight saga. This tour was a real success with more than 1.4 million fans. Meyer said that she is a fan of his music because it is very emotional and handels about the life of the singer.

"Kangaroo Cry", used on the NCIS Soundtrack is a very very emotional song and maybe the best of this album next to the following track "Picking Up Pieces", which is my personal favourite.

Picking Up Pieces handels about a person who asked himself for how long he have to picking up pieces of his heart in the corner of his mind to be lucky. Well it is my favourite because the melodic and the lyrics fit very well for my oppinion.

Now, I came to the next brilliant song called "Jump Rope". Yes, you read right jump rope. The thematic is the ups and downs in everybodys life, so he describes it as a jump rope. Nice idea are the kids voices in the background.
On a live concert in Austin/TX Furstenfeld invited kids for the song to come on the stage and sing together. They had a jump rope in their hands and were jumping on the stage which showed the thematic very brilliant. Jump Rope reached nomber 65 at the german single charts (their first one in Germany) and is the best international single of the band in Europe. Song is played on german radio station SWR3.

Blue Skies describes the life to but on the sight of Furstenfeld who describs it like roller coaster. Well very interesting compare, isn't it? For my oppinion yes.

Blue Does is the last song on the CD which Furstenfeld wrote for his daughter Blue. He describes her as the answer to the pray he had not found before. Well nice idea Justin. The last song is a very nice ending for a strong album. I like this little lullaby and sometimes, when I listen to it, I am crying because of this beautiful voice and the beautiful instrumentation.

And now I want leave the songs behind and come on my next thing. The cover. It shows a little girl with closed eyes and a white dress behind a window. On the bands Homepage I found the name of her: Kathryn Olsen. It symbols a very contradicting picture. On the one side the girl looks very reassuring. On the other the window shows like a soul. And this soul is closed like a window. I don't know why Furstenfeld choosed this representing message but I like that idea.

At last I want write a little something about the singer. Justin, I like your music and you are my hero because you opened my eyes very often. And I want say THANK YOU for this brilliant album.

I hope that I am not alone with that and I can only say: buy this CD because it shows you not only the bright side of life and your soul but also the dark and ugly side everybody have.

A brilliant follower of Foiled I mean.

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