Amsterdam Stranded

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Band Name Midnight Choir
Album Name Amsterdam Stranded
Type Album
Data wpisu 1998
Styl muzycznyIndie Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


Re-Issue in 2009 by Glitterhouse Records with a bonus disc
1. Harbor Hope
2. October 8
3. Mercy of Maria
4. Amsterdam Stranded
5. And the Rain Redoubled in Violence
6. Muddy River of Loneliness
7. Death's Threshold Step #2/The Train
8. Dear Friend
9. Bayview (Time Ain't No Friend)
10. Finest Hour
DISC 2 (Re-Issue 2009)
1. Dear Friend (Rehearsal)
2. Since You Been Gone
3. Twilight Suppressive (Previously unrealeased)
4. Bayview (Time Ain't No Friend) (Demo Version)
5. From Rome to Babylon
6. The Road to Love (Previously unrealeased)
7. Dega's Eyes (Demo Version)
8. Death's Threshold Step 1 (Demo Version)
9. Daylight's Wasted (Previously unrealeased)
10. Dear Friend (Instrumental)