Siouxsie And The Banshees : Hyaena

Post-punk / United-Kingdom
(1984 - Geffen)
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Swallowing diamonds
A cutting throat
Your teeth when you grin
Reflecting beams on tombstones

A jamboree of surprises
Playing russian roulette
Or the lucky clip
A clenched fist to your heart
Coal dust on your lungs

A silver tongue for the chosen one
Heavy magnum in your side or a bloody thorn

Skating bullets on angel dust
In a dead sea of fluid mercury
Baby piano cries
Under your heavy index and thumb
Pull some strings -- let them sing

The stars that shine and the stars that shrink
In the face of stagnation the water runs
Before your eyes
It's a glittering prize.


A ravenous greed
For a brood to feed
A lusting spawn
On a weekend fawn

Do you hunger for this
Sucking leaches feel the need
Sucking dry unsated stomach pops
Sharpened knives with flying sparks
Sagging bodies with stretch marks
And your belly aches

Do you hunger for this
Bled white with avarice

As the rust creeps
Corrosion seeps a rotting seed
Eat me -- feed me
With your belching foul breath
Your destructive kiss death
Do you hunger for this

The bliss of a sweet kiss
Shanghai'ed on a locust flight
The thirst from a vampire bite
Fills the emptiness inside
Consuming everything green-eyed
We hunger.


Deep in the heart
Of a seething beast
Think of bright lights
A splendid feast

But something's missing
She's feeling low
Something's missing
She's going home

Take me back -- i'm feeling low
Take me back -- i'm going home
Take me back -- i'm so alone
Take me back i'm travelling home

Suspicious stranger
There's something wrong
She is changed
Ah but this is not

She is back
But she's not home
She is back
But she's still alone
She came back after all this time
Take me back
She came back to warning signs
All is black when the lights are on
Nothing rhymes its been so long

Deep in the heart
Of a seething beast
Think of bright lights
A splendid feast
Where you arrive
Can be home
Where you come from
Isn't always home

Take me back -- i'm coming home
Take me back -- where i belong
Take me back i'm leaving home
Take me back i'm coming home.


Sunrise breaks its fatal perfume
And i'm dizzy to distraction
The scented clutches of a siren's lament
Embrace the sound of enchantment
Five fathoms deep, the lovers leap
The lanterns of skin beckon us in
O belladonna
Nightfalls decent shrouds her intent
In a halo of sharks and a skeleton mask
O belladonna
Daylight devours your unguarded hours
Burnt and charred, this bride of scars
O belladonna
Lost in the glare, all of us stare
The patterns of pain, scream out your name
O belladonna.


Falling in your, falling in your arms
Fish on a line, learns to live on dry land
Thrown back again to drown
Kinder with poison
Than pushed down a well - or a face burnt to hell
Feel the cruel stones breaking her bones
Dead before born
Words fall in ruins - but no sound
She's dying of your shame - she maimed by your paw

He gives birth to swimming horses

Fish on a line, walking on dry land
But, back in the water to drown we drown
Floating in sky

He gives birth to swimming horses

Take a ride on the tide with the assassin at your side
The weightlessness under water -- forgets in slow motion
And washes pointless tortures

He gives birth to swimming horses

Floating in sky like fishes can fly through your arms.


Following desire in your eyes
You're mine you're mine all mine
Following the signs ... In your mind
You're mine, you're mine, all mine
Bring me the head of the preacher
Man in the sickening daze ...
O the rotting sun washes down
The moonshine boys
The vultures drool
... They pluck the gold dust from his eyes
And pick his bones until they're clean
The book of sorrows -- the american dreams
Bring me the head of the preacher man
On the blazing trail
Heaven holds lonestar promise el dorado --
The insane theatre, once more we rise
To drain the last of liquid sleep
The gift of chance
Eating the worm ... As the v{por drops and dances
And everything stops and dances
Bring me the head of the preacher man
We tumble down these lonely days
We tumble down.


Just a step onto the street
An uncomfortable heat
Rattlers at your feet
In running town

Helter skelter all a-swelter
The impetus is seething
In running town
A thousand curses
Full speed ahead

Lockjaw aggression
And buzzing imitations
Deride the friendly martian
In running town

Helter skelter all a-swelter
The impetus is seething
In running town
A thousand curses
Full speed ahead

If you gaze into her face
She'll come back and drown
All refugees in the sea
Running town
Of running town

A thousand curses
Full speed ahead

Laughter rebounds and strangles
That sound in running town.


From the fury pit, a reek of misery
Like a trumpet groan, tornado moan
The splendor splits like a golden skin
He and the wizards cry like hummingbirds
In treasure glows, your weeping wings
And a slaughter grins, on a pleasure spike

When held on high by the riverside
Like a torn-throat child
In a jackals hide
Cool water dies, vile diamond eyes
Silent in flamingo ease
Distant in troubled trance
Within a whirlpool, we're breaking our backs
The tears of the moon
The sweat of the sun
Sacraficial hearts for a pointing bone

With a gorgons head and a coal of skulls
They're kindling fires in open wounds
Pointing bone
In a jaguar skin, blood matted mane
Beacons blaze toward a waning moon.


Weaving in his basket chair
'Twist you round a lock of hair
Made of straw -- the wicker man
Made of straw -- i'll blow your house down

Bishops falling from the windows
The lightening makes your hair stand on end

This dervish frenzy -- will make you run around
This dervish frenzy -- will turn your head around
Blow the house down

Stretching a rubber band miracles trip over
Feel where we stand
Shift the ground -- caterpillar man
Crumbling castles in the sand
Blow the house down

Feebly we put our heads out of our foxy laire
We feel the chill from the night soare
Standing in the storm -- waiting for the flash to crash
Counting seconds before we turn to ash

It's getting nearer ...
Blow the house down
Blow the house down
This dervish frenzy -- will turn your head around

Standing on the stairs that want to fall down
It's getting nearer don't turn your head around
Made of straw
A lighted match
Burn the house down
Turn your head around
Pillars of salt watch as it all burns down
Down to the ground
Blow the house down.

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