Beastie Boys : Check Your Head



People how you doing there's a new day dawning
For the earth mother it's a brand new morning
For such a long while there's been such longing
But now the sun is shining let's roll back the awning

This is a type of kinda like a formal dedication
Giving out a shout for much inspiration
All i ever wanna do is get nice
Get loose and goof my little slice of life
Sendin' out love to all corners of the land
Jump up on the stage and take the mic in my hand
Not playin' the role just being who i am
And if you try to dis me i couldn't give a damn
'Cause i'm rockin'

Bass from the back of my car feels soothing
Eight bazookas is what i'm using
I'm Mike D. and it's been proven
I love it when i see the party people movin'
Strapped on the ear goggles and what did i see
But the music brought the people into harmony


Funky boss get off my back


If you can feel what i'm feeling then it's a musical masterpiece
But if you can hear what i'm dealing with then that's cool at least
What's running through my mind comes through in my walk
True feelings are shown from the way that i talk
And this is me, y'all-I M.C.,
Y'all my name is M.C.A. and i still do what i please
And now i'd like to introduce
I'll pass the mic to D. for a fist full of truth

The name is D., y'all and i don't play
And i can rock a block party 'til your hair turns grey
"So what you sayin?" i explode on site
And like Jimmy Walker i'm "Dynomite"
And now i'd like to pass the mic
So Adrock c'mon and do anything you like

I'm the A.D.R.O.C.K.
In the place with the bass i'm going all the way
I can't stop y'all tock tick y'all
And if you think that you're slick you'll catch a brick y'all
'Cause i'm a turn it in and i'm a turn it out
But now i've got to pass the mic to Yauch

Well on and on and on and on
I can't stop y'all 'til the early morn'
So rock y'all tick tock y'all to the beat y'all
C'mon and rock y'all

I give thanks for inspiration
It guides my mind along the way
A lot of people get jealous, they're talking about me
But that's just 'cause they haven't got a thing to say

Everybody's rappin' like it's a commercial
Acting like life is a big commercial
So this is what I've got to say to you all
Be true to yourself and you will never fall
And now i'd like to pass the mic to the A
So what's your name, Yauch? My name is M.C.A.

I've been coming to where i am, from the get go
Find that i can groove with the beat when i let go
So put your worries on hold
Get up and groove with the rhythm in your soul
And now i'd like to pass the mic to my brother Adrock
C'mon and shine like a light

Yes yes y'all and yes yes y'all
I'm always on time never the less y'all
And that's right y'all, i shed light y'all
I've got no time in my life to get uptight y'all
So what you gonna say that i don't know already?
I'm like Clyde and i'm rockin' steady
But time flies when you're having fun
So Mike D. c'mon and get some

M.I.K.E. to the D.
You come and see me and you pay a fee
Do what i do professionally
To tell the truth i am exactly what i want to be
Now Ad-Rock and M.C.A.
Let's rock this joint in the old school way

Well i'm on 'til the crack of dawn
Mowing down M.C.'s like i'm mowing a lawn
I go off like nothing can phase me
You think we'll ever meet Stevie? One of these days, D.
But i can stand my ground and i am down
To wax an M.C. who acts like a clown
But for now, i'd like to ask you how
You like the feel of the bass in your face in the crowd


Good times gone but you missed them
What's gone wrong in your system
Things they bounce just like a Spaulding
What'd you think did you miss your calling
It's so free this kind of feeling
It's like life it's so appealing
When you've got so much to say
It's called gratitude

Good times gone but you feed it
Hate's grown strong you feel you need it
Just one thing do you know what
You think that the world owes you
What's gonna set you free look inside
And you'll see when you've got
So much to say it's called gratitude


Lighten up shine like the sun


It's finger licken, finger licken good y'all
Finger licken, finger licken good y'all

So mike d what's up? yo yauch what's up?
Come on mike let's tear it up
Hear no evil see no evil talking no bullshit
So many damn people are so damn full of it
Keyboard money mark you know he's not having it
Just give him some wood and he'll build you a cabinet
I'm convinced that vince is ripping me off
I think it's his girdle that's tipping me off
Mike d's out back and he's growing onions
I've got bigger buns than my man paul bunyon's
I've been going nuts gettin' all cooped up
Fully hermitizing but now I'm getting souped up
It's time to turn the page to a brand new chapter
Setting my sights and you know what I'm after
I'll be in the paper the news with ernie ernesto
They'll even print my recipe for pasta with pesto
Now here's another special of the day
I've got more spice than the frugal gourmet

Well mike d what got for me
Show these good people what it means to be d
Well they call me mike d with the mad man style
I put the mic up to my lips and i can scream for a while
Created a sound at which many were shocked
I've got a million ideas that I ain't even rocked
I've got the light bulb flashing at the top of my head
Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed
You're an idea man not a yes man
With a point to make you're bound to take a stand
'cause I'm pete the puma minnie the moocher
Got every type of flavor that will suit ya
You know the bass is real fat because it's gotta be like that
A snare on the funky tin and a taste of the high hat

Yo yauch what's up? mike d what's up?
Come on yauch, let's tear it up
I could catch a groove like a flash in the dark
Grab a hold of your attention like a thief in the park
'cause I can flip a rhyme off the tip of my tongue
Switching up the rhythm like the rhyme's a piece of chewing gum
Now i might chew but i don't bite
My ideas are mine when i begin to write
In my sleep i'll be thinking 'bout beats
And getting on the mic and busting some treats
And sporting the crazy funky threads that you've never even seen before
What i'm lacking from the macking i can find at the thrift store
I won't scuff nor scuffle just grin as they walk by
Take time to rhyme for a girl i hear talk fly
Down some papaya down with the revolution
Always wear my goggles 'cause there's so much pollution
I can do the freak, the patty duke and the spank
Gotta free the funky fish from the funky fish tanks
I'll sell my house, sell my car and i'll sell all my stuff
I'm going back to new york city i do believe i've had enough


Just plug me in just like i was eddie harris
You're eating crazy cheese like you'd think i'm from paris
You know i get fly you think i get high
You know that i'm gone and i'm a tell you all why
So tell me who are you dissing maybe i'm missing
The reason that you're smiling or wilding
So listen in my head i just want to take 'em down
Imagination set loose and i'm gonna shake 'em down
Let it flow like a mud slide
When i get on i like to ride and glide
I've got depth of perception in my text y'all
I get props at my mention 'cause i vex y'all
So what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
I get so funny with the money that you flaunt
I said where'd you get your information from huh?
You think that you can front when revelation comes

Yeah, you can't front on that

Well they call me mike d the ever loving man
I'm like spoonie gee well i'm the metropolitician
You scream and you holler about my chevy impala
But the sweat is getting wet around the ring around your collar
But like a dream i'm flowing without no stopping
Sweeter than a cherry pie with ready whip topping
Goin' from mic to mic kickin' it wall to wall
Well i'll be calling out you people like a casting call
Well it's wack when you're jacked in the back of a ride
With your know with your flow when you're out getting by
Believe me what you see is what you get
And you see me I'm coming off as you can bet
Well i think I'm losing my mind this time
This time i'm losing my mind
That's right, said i think i'm losing my mind this time
This time i'm losing my mind

Yeah, you can't front on that

But little do you know about something that i talk about
I'm tired of driving it's due time that i walk about
But in the meantime, i'm wise to the demise
I've got eyes in the back of my head so I realize
Well i'm dr. spock i'm here to rock y'all
I want you off the wall if you're playing the wall
I said what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
I said what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
Y'all suckers write me checks and then they bounce
So i reach into my pocket for the fresh amount
See i'm the long leaner vincent the cleaner
I'm the illest motherfucker from here to gardena
Well i'm as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce
You've got the rhyme and reason but no cause
Well if you're hot to trot you think you're slicker than grease
I've got news for you crews you'll be sucking like a leech

You can't front on that
So what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
So what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
I said what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
I said what'cha what'cha what'cha want what'cha want
So what'cha want


One, two, three...

The Beastie Boys
They are they're comin' home
They're comin' home to all their fans
They are they're comin' home
They're comin' home they're comin' home
Oh they're comin' home


Yeah, that's right
It's time to set the record straight

Ain't nobody got to spell it for me
Ain't nobody got to yell i can see
Ain't nobody got the pain i can hear
But if i have to i'll yell in your ear

Time for living
Time for giving (x4)

Ain't nobody to to spell it for me
I said ain't nobody got to yell i can see
I said ain't nobody got the pain i can hear
But if i have to i will yell in your ear

Soul fire
Soul fire
And we ain't got no water
We don't have no water

Time for living time for giving
No time for making up a monster to sell
Time for living time for giving
No time for breakin' out a lie to sell


I wish for peace between the races
Someday we shall all be one
Why fight yourself
This one's called rectify
There's something coming to the surface
There's fire all around
But this is all illusion

I've seen better days than this one
I've seen better nights than this one
Tension is rebuilding
Something's got to give

Someday we shall all be one

Jesus Christ we're nice




I don't see things quite the same as i used to
As i live my life i've got just me to be true to
And when i find that i don't know about
Just what to do
I turn and look within to see what i should do
Now I'm not sure what it takes to be hip
A lot of people making music that to be ain't shit
So i ask creation
For rhymes for this jam
Gimme lickle solo and i'll take the mic stand

Love vibe

As the earth spins into brand new day
I see the light on the horizons's not fading away
Gonna shine from within like a bright white sun
No need to hide and no place to run
Got the vibrations of the music
Bringing light to your mind
So you can move and groove
And feel the beat of the time
Sense the power in the air as it starts to move
You get a real good feeling that you just can't lose

Contemplation time, intuition time
Evolution time, resolution time

Free your mind it's time for good times
And let yourself move it's a time to shine
Spread your wings in the sky, feelin' good inside
Breaking fool with no need to hide
I got the music cuttin' throught me
Takin' control of my soul
I can't hold back i've got to let go

Stand together people come together now
It's about time we've got to get together y'all

13. POW



Who is the man coming down your block
It's me you see with the funk in my walk
'Cause i'm doin' just what i like to
Today is my day and i'm a get nice too
You gotta keep movin' and you can't say nothing
I'm a keep bouncin' and bumpin' and stuffin'
One thing you ought to know---i am the maestro


I feel like Rufus Thomas The crown prince of dance
I'm Mike D and i'm known for romance
I'm the crazy baldhead with the part on the side
And i'm riding down the block Like i'm on a water slide
'Cause it's the type of day i feel like pressing my luck
'Cause i got nothing to lose 'Cause i don't give a fuck
See i'm a player i play Don't play to win i play to show
I am the maestro!

[Routine, then speech]
Who is the man.



16. LIVE AT P.J.'S

Back to the beat y'all,
Down with the sound so sweet y'all
Just how fresh can you get y'all
Those that are blessed say yes y'all
'Cause i'm a come inside and do my thing
I'm gonna take off my drawers and let myself swing
Tantalize my tummy with a boo boo snack
But now i got to get back

Gonna break it down to the nitty grit
Gonna tell you motherfuckers Why you ain't shit
'Cause suckers like you Just make me strong
When you're popping that bullshit all day long

I'm gonna bust my shoes i'm gonna bust my socks
I'm gonna spread my word From standing on this box
This drive through world it just ain't right
Gonna run to Joe and Tony's And get my hair cut nice

Well come on y'all and let's work it out
I'm trying to get up So don't you get me down
Life i love you now give me a pound
Up from the frying pan into the fire
Look within and try to admire, yeh
What's going on Y'all


I ride on the bus into the city everyday
I sit on my seat and i dream myself away
I dream i'm on an island with that foxy lady too
But when i awaken i must be mistaken i'm on third avenue
Won't you take me away
And take away me


Yes, i got more bounce to the fuckin' bump
And then you want to know
Why it's cause I'm motherfuckin' truckin'
I'm in the pocket just like Grady Tate
I got supplies of beats so you don't have to wait
'Cause i'm the master blaster
Drinking up the shasta
My voice sounds sweet 'cause it has to
So light a match to my ass 'cause i'm blown up
I'd like to thank the people for just showin' up
But now i want y'all to move it
Put your point on the floor and just prove it
And I'm smurfin not rehearsin' gettin' live y'all
A little puffy so you know what i'm doin' right
'Cause that's the kind of frame of mind i'm in
I got this feelin' and it's back again
So don't touch me 'cause i'm electric
And if you touch me you'll get shocked!

You've got the boomin' system But it's blasting out doo-doo
You think it's chocolate milk But it's watered down yoo-hoo
I've been through many times In which I thought I might lose it
The only thing that saved me Has always been music
We've got our own studio the son of the G
It's no question life's been good to me
'Cause life ain't nothing but a good groove
A good mix tape to put you in the right mood
This one goes out to my man the Groove Merchant
Coming through with beats For which I've been searching
Like two sealed copies of expansions
I'm like Tom Vu with yachts and mansions
The logo i sport is the face of the monkey
Union made Ben Davis quality it's no junk see
My chrome is shining just like an icicle
I ride around town on my low-rider bicycle

So many wack M.C.'s You get the T.V. bozack
Ain't even gonna call out your names 'Cause you're so wack
But one big oaf whose faker than plastic
A dictionary definition of the word spastic
You should have never started something That you couldn't finish
'Cause writin' rhymes to me is like Popeye to spinach
I'm bad ass move your fat ass 'cause you're wack son
Dancin' around like you think you're Janet Jackson
Thought you could walk on me To get some ground to walk on
I'll put the rug out under your ass as i talk on
I'll take you out like a sniper on a roof
Like an M.C. at the fever in the D.J. booth
With your headphones strapped You're rockin' rewind pause
Tryin' to figure out what you can do to go for yours
But like the pencil to the paper i got more to come
One after another you can all get some
So you getter take your time And meditate on your rhyme
'Cause your shit'll be stinking When i go for mine
And that's right y'all don't get uptight y'all
You can't say shit Because you're biting what i write y'all
And that's wrong y'all over the long haul
You can't cut the mustard When you're fronting it all

19. IN 3'S



A butterfly floats on the breeze of a sun lit day
As I feel this reality gently fade away
Riding on a thought to see where it's from
Gliding through a memory of a time yet to come
Smoke paints the air
Swirling images through my mind
Like a whirlpool spin beginning to unwind
And i stand at the edge cautiously awaiting
As time slips by
Carefully navigating by the stars in the sky
And i sit
And i think to myself
And on the horizon the sun light begins to climb
And it seems like it's been so long since he shined
But i'm sure it was only yesterday

A cold chill of fear cut through me
I felt my heart contract
To my mind I brought the image of light
And i expanded out of it
My fear was just a shadow
And then I voice spoke in my head
And she said dark is not the opposite of light
It's the absence of light
And i thought to myself
She knows what she's talking about
And for a moment I know
What it was all about.

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