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Brain, Farts & Tits

Album, 02 Febrero 2009, Self-Released

Wank For Peace : Brain, Farts & Tits


1. Just Another Song About Girls, Food and Flatulence
2. Can't We Get Over
3. Nintendo Rulz Da World
4. Son of a (Princess) Peach
5. Go Wankers Go! (ft.LeX'A)

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Making Onanism the Key?.?.?.

EP, 01 Enero 2010Ningun label conocida

Wank For Peace : Making Onanism the Key?.?.?.


1. Supermarket Traffic Jam
2. Chinchilla Tweak Killah
3. The More You Drink, the Better We Sound
4. Erection by Definition
5. Go Get a Face You Puked All Night

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Sheep Shots Youth Anthem

Demo, 08 Agosto 2010, Self-Released

Wank For Peace : Sheep Shots Youth Anthem


1. Building a Life on a Crumbling Stage
2. Cheap Shot Youth Anthem (Kid Dynamite Cover)
3. False Fathers

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A Toaster in the Bathtub

Single, 02 Enero 2011Ningun label conocida

Wank For Peace : A Toaster in the Bathtub


1. Thugs and Pedophiles
2. Well, Actually I Don't Care
3. Free Hugs

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What Will Remain ?

Album, 10 Septiembre 2011, Guerilla Asso

Wank For Peace : What Will Remain ?


1. Hour or Glass ?
2. We Are Nothing
3. Risk The Branch / Avoid the Trunk
4. Erection by Definition
5. Angers Dodgeball Crew!
6. Free Hugs
7. The More We Drink, the Worse We Sound
8. Are My Battles a Shiny Painting to Hide the Wall?
9. Everything Does Not Suck
10. Sorry Real World, I'm Over
11. Building a Life on a Crumbling Stage
12. Thugs and Pedophiles
13. And Now for Something Completely Pessimistic

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Let's Be Honest

Single, 12 Diciembre 2012Ningun label conocida

Wank For Peace : Let's Be Honest


1. You're Less Than Me
2. You're Not Funny, You're Just a Prick

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Split, 23 Febrero 2013, Pavones Records

Wank For Peace : Prevenge


1. We're Not Done Yet, Sorry
2. What If That Was Political?
3. So Long Wonder!
4. Post-Fordism
5. Ride

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