War of the Superbikes II

Lista de los grupos Punkcore The Meatmen War of the Superbikes II
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Band Name The Meatmen
Album Name War of the Superbikes II
Type Album
Data de aparición 1996
Estilo MusicalPunkcore
Miembros poseen este álbum0


1. War of the Superbikes
2. Abba God and Me
3. Pillar of Sodom
4. What's This Shit Called Love? (The Pagans)
5. Punkerama
6. Razamanaz (Nazareth)
7. Kisses in the Sunset
8. Cadaver Class
9. Pain Principle
10. Morrissey Must Die
11. Blowjobs Ain't Cheatin'
12. Plague Upon the Earth
13. Stud
14. Fast Food Fist Fuck
15. Evil in a League with Satan (Venom)
16. We Hate This Riff
17. Slow Boy (The Controllers)
18. Faster Louder (The Fucking Dictators)
19. Caucasian Guilt (Bianca Butthole)