Very Best of Adam and the Ants

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Band Name Adam And The Ants
Album Name Very Best of Adam and the Ants
Type Compilation
Data de aparición Abril 1999
Estilo MusicalPost-punk
Miembros poseen este álbum1


1. Stand and Deliver [Adam and the Ants]
2. Kings of the Wild Frontier [Adam and the Ants]
3. Dog Eat Dog [Adam and the Ants]
4. Wonderful [Adam Ant]
5. Room at the Top [Adam Ant]
6. Apollo 9 [Adam Ant]
7. Cartrouble [Adam and the Ants]
8. Friends [Adam and the Ants]
9. Desperate But Not Serious
10. Prince Charming [Adam and the Ants]
11. Goody Two Shoes [Adam Ant]
12. Puss'n Boots [Adam Ant]
13. Friend or Foe [Adam Ant]
14. Strip [Adam Ant]
15. Vive le Rock [Adam Ant]
16. Zerox [Adam and the Ants]
17. Antmusic [Adam and the Ants]
18. Deutscher Girls [Adam and the Ants]
19. Ant Rap [Adam and the Ants]
20. Kick [Adam and the Ants]
21. Young Parisians [Adam and the Ants]
22. Can't See Rules About Love [Adam Ant]