The Land of the Giant Dwarfs

Lista de los grupos Jazz Rock X-Legged Sally The Land of the Giant Dwarfs
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Band Name X-Legged Sally
Album Name The Land of the Giant Dwarfs
Type Album
Data de aparición 1996
Labels Bang! Records
Estilo MusicalJazz Rock
Miembros poseen este álbum1


1. Anthem - In the Land of the Giant Dwarfs
2. Feb II
3. R.I.P.
4. Yesbody 2 - Yesbody Goes for the Swallow Juice
5. Skip XXI
6. Yesbody 4 - Yesbody Enjoys the Envious Eyes at His Moontan
7. Charge
8. Yesbody 3 - Yesbody Is in Love and Looks for a Girl
9. Lie to Me
10. Glad You're Dead
11. Home
12. Hair
13. Poor Man's Rain
14. Starfinger
15. Mono Dolby
16. Owl Harry
17. Quorns
18. Yesbody 1 - Yesbody Swallowed the Key