Archive Collection Volume II

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Band Name Anthony Phillips
Album Name Archive Collection Volume II
Type Album
Data de aparición 2004
Estilo MusicalProgressive Rock
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1. Guitar Song
2. The Anthem from Tarka
3. Deep in the Night
4. Bleak House
5. Our Man in Japan
6. Child Song
7. Old Wives Tale
8. Scottish Suite II
a/ Leaping Salmon
b/ The Witching Hour
c/ Two Truths
d/ The Letter
e/ Walpurgis Night
f/ Sweet Reaper
g/ Why Sinks this Cauldron?
h/ Her Last Sleepwalk
9. Sally
10. Windmill
11. Tregenna Afternoons
12. Lofty Vaults
13. Variation on a Theme of Fantomas
14. Picardy Pictures
15. Polar Lights
16. The Ridolfi Plot
17. Falling for Love
1. Highland Fling
2. Prelude #1
3. Siesta
4. Bubble and Squeak
5. Guru
6. Shady Arbours
7. West Side Alice
8. Vic's Tango
9. Seven Long Years
10. Romeo and Juliet
11. I Saw You Today
12. The Anthem from Tarka
13. Quadrille (from Alice)
14. Desert Suite
a/ Sand Dance
b/ Pipelines
c/ End Theme
15. Fantomas Opening Theme
a/ Sistine
b/ Sisters Of Remindum
16. Will The Last Man off the Ice Rink (Please Turn out the Lights)
17. Finale

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Anthony Phillips