A Curious Thing

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Band Name Amy MacDonald
Album Name A Curious Thing
Type Album
Data de aparición 08 Marzo 2010
Estilo MusicalPop Rock
Miembros poseen este álbum17


1. Don't Tell Me That It's Over
2. Spark
3. I Got No Roots
4. Love Love
5. An Ordinary Life
6. Give It All Up
7. My Only One
8. This Pretty Face
9. Troubled Soul
10. Next Big Thing
11. Your Time Will Come
12. What Happiness Means to Me
DISC 2 : Live at Glasgow (Deluxe Edition)
1. Pison Prince
2. The Youth of Today
3. LA
4. Footballer's Wife
5. Mr Rock & Roll
6. Mr Brightside
7. The Road to Home
8. This Is the Life
9. Run
10. Rock 'n' Roll Star
11. Let's Start a Band
12. Caladonia
13. Fairytail of New York
14. Barrowland Ballroom

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Crónica @ ChristopherJRM

17 Noviembre 2010
It was a promising career beginning that this young Scottish girl has with her debut record "This Is the Life". A well received and acclaimed album that granted her a sold fan base. She wasn't just a pretty face, she was talentous too and brought plenty of fresh air to the mainstream music that has always been loaded with Pop already chewed up, spit and even regurgitated. So that career beginning felt good. The only thing left was to be able to keep that quality in the second album. And I just have something less positive to point and I'll say it right now to put aside once and for all. Maybe there's a little predictability in this second album. But it's not that predictability in which you're disappointed for having more of the same, it's more of a situation where you want more of the same. The sweet and impressive voice of Amy stays as good or better and her song-writing and melody composing keeps with the same strenght as previously. What we have here is a beautiful Folk Rock album à-la Scottish - all that needed was a bit of traditional influences - with that Pop skeleton, but the good Pop, and once in a while there's also a little Alternative vain so that the Alt. people don't feel bad for enjoying it. It's really the voice of Amy and the melodies that mostly matter in this collection and throughout the record, we have some songs that workout pretty good and some other that work even better. The single "Don't Tell Me that It's Over" was an excellent way to introduce the CD and to promote it before it comes out. In the album filling, in general, there's variety, since calmer, sweeter things to things relatively more danceable. But the path she Runs in is always the same. It ends with a beautiful ballad, in which I should highlight again the vocal and instrumental talent of MacDonald - in one of the most "solo" songs she has here. Well, it ends the record, unless you want to wait a little bit to listen to an excellent cover of "Dancing in the Dark" - one of the biggest hits of Bruce Springsteen in the 80's - a hidden track. It's worth to listen to it. And it's worth to see a show. As long as you don't put her in a festival in the same day as Miley Cyrus and McFly...

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choahardoc - 29 Enero 2012: Nice review. I agree with you, Amy made great tunes like an ordinary life and Next Big Thing. Covers are fine too: Dancing in the dark and Pogues Fairytale of New York on Bonus disc!
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