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This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things

EP, 2006, Self Produced

Every Avenue : This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things


1. Chasing the Night
2. Half As Much As You
3. You'll Never Know
4. All the Way Down
5. Trading Heartbeats

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EP, 14 August 2007, Fearless Records

Every Avenue : Ah!


1. One More Song
2. Where Were You?
3. Nothing
4. Picking Up the Pieces
5. Think of You Later (Empty Room)
6. Getting Out

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Shh. Just Go with It

Album, 19 February 2008, Fearless Records

Every Avenue : Shh. Just Go with It


1. Days of the Old
2. This One's a Cheap Shot
3. Where Were You?
4. Think of You Later
5. A Story to Tell Your Friends
6. Boys Will Be Boys
7. Take a Step Back
8. Trading Heartbeats
9. Freak Out!
10. Between You & I
11. Chasing the Night

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Picture Perfect

Album, 03 November 2009, Fearless Records

Every Avenue : Picture Perfect


1. For Always, Forever
2. Mindset
3. Tell Me I'm a Wreck
4. Picture Perfect
5. Happy the Hard Way
6. Girl Like That
7. Saying Goodbye
8. Finish What You Started
9. I Forgive You
10. The Story Left Untold
11. Clumsy Little Heart

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Bad Habits

Album, 2011Unknown label

Every Avenue : Bad Habits


1. Tie Me Down
2. Whatever Happened to You
3. There Tonight
4. Fall Apart
5. No One But You
6. Only Place I Call Home
7. Someday Somehow
8. Hit Me Where It Hurts the Most
9. I Can't Not Love You
10. Watch the World

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