Nine Skies release 2 live stream video [05/12/2021]

Montag 13 Dezember 2021 - 12:09:28 by Baddogpromo

To celebrate the 6-month anniversary of their new opus Nine Skies unveil two live stream videos: two tracks from the album

5.20, released the 4th of June 2021 via Anesthetize Productions.


''Porcelain Hill'' & ''Wilderness'' - featuring Damian Wilson on vocals and Steve Hackett on the lead guitar - are played here in a personal live stream version with a charm reflecting the personal poetry of this opus to perfection.


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havenhaven - 14 Dezember 2021 à 09:52:16

Thanks for your sharing!

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majorcrawley - 19 Januar 2022 à 04:48:46

I cant stop playing Wilderness! Its a really great track. 

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dekrutheen - 19 Februar 2022 à 03:32:33

Listening always seems to inspire me, and always puts me in a good mood after :)

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kchalpin - 04 März 2022 à 13:27:24

Really cool album, great to see them play, thank you for sharing


Manashane - 28 März 2022 à 18:58:03

You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!

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Baddogpromo - 06 April 2022 à 16:07:06

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dekrutheen - 01 Juni 2022 à 23:20:30

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