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Biografie : Chou Pahrot

CHOU PAHROT formed in Scotland in the early 1970s, playing their debut concert as early as 1974, but despite their reputation as an exciting local live act, did not release an album until 1979, an EP titled BUZGO TRAM CHORUS. This was followed that year by a full-length live album demonstrating their exciting onstage presence. Their music is an eclectic mix of avant-rock, with a heavy emphasis on violin, flavoring the music with both a gypsy/folk and jazz/fusion vibe; one can also hear occasional falsetto yodeling adding to the crazed and energetic ensemble sound.

The four band members adopted the pseudonyms of Eggy Beard (Martin McKenna) on violin, Monica Zarb (Robert Donaldson) on bass, Mama Voot (Tony O'Neill) on guitar and sax, and either Fish Feathers McTeeth (Dave Lewis) or The Amphibian (John O'Neill) on drums. Though they never secured a permanent recording deal, they were well known within certain circles in the Paisley/Glasgow area, and were a frequent sight at European music festivals in the late 1970s.

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