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Band Name Anthony Phillips
Album Name Wildlife
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 2007
Labels Arcangelo
Musik GenreProgressive Rock
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1.Creatures of the Magic Water - 1994
a/ Creatures of the Magic Water - Opening Theme
b/ Green Hell
c/ Jaguar and the Terrapin
d/ Flooded Forest
e/ Hidden Shadow
f/ River God
2. Secrets of Amazon - 2003
a/ Secrets of the Amazon
b/ Killing Grounds
c/ River Dolphins
d/ Faces in the Forest
e/ Final Journey
3. Jaguar: Eater of Souls - 1999
a/ Onza - Eater of Souls
b/ Relentless Sun
c/ Serengeti Jigsaw - 1998
d/ Serengeti Jigsaw
e/ Massacre of the Termites
4. Web of the Spider Monkey - 1995
a/ Web of the Spider Monkey - Opening Theme
5. Dungeons and Dragons - 2000
a/ Island of Stone
b/ Fireflies
c/ Courting Chameleons
d/ Rock Spires, Crocodile Caves
e/ Dusty Track
f/ Fathomless Cavern
6. Secrets of a Norfolk Wood - 1998
a/ Storm Breaks
b/ Morning Call
c/ Autumn Dusk
7. Bears of the Russian Front - 2000
a/ Bears of Kamchatka - Opening Theme
b/ In the Tundra
c/ Across the Frozen Wastes
d/ Nighthunt
e/ Cubs
8. Gremlins: Face in the Forest - 1997
a/ Mother of the Moon
9. Jurassic Shark - 2000
a/ Jurassic Shark - Opening Theme
b/ Ray's Song
c/ Voyage of the Whale Shark
d/ Megalodon
e/ The Only Good Shark Is a Dead One
f/ Back Through Time - Under the Ocean
g/ Jurassic Shark - Closing Theme
10. Midway - Island of Live - 1999
a/ Midway: Island of Life - Opening Theme
b/ Dolphins at Play
c/ Dolphins, Seals and Rays
d/ Mysteries of the Wreck
e/ Sunset Flight
f/ Fight to the Death
g/ Fram the Jaws of Death - Touching the Face of God

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Anthony Phillips