Turtle Soup

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Band Name The Turtles
Album Name Turtle Soup
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Oktober 1969
Musik GenrePop Rock
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1. Come Over
2. House on the Hill
3. She Always Leaves Me Laughing
4. How You Loved Me
5. Torn Between Temptations
6. Love in the City
7. Bachelor Mother
8. John and Julie
9. Hot Little Hands
10. Somewhere Friday Night
11. Dance This Dance
12. You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain
Bonustracks (Re-issue in 1993 by Repertoire Records)
13. Chicken Little Was Right (Single Version)
14. Lady-O
15. The Last Thing I Remember (Alternate version)
16. The Owl
17. To See the Sun
18. If We Only Had the Time
19. Can I Go On
20. Dance This Dance (Alternate version)
Bonustracks (Re-issue in 1996 by Sundazed Records)
13. Lady-O
14. The Last thing I Remember

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The Turtles