The Soda Machine

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Band Name The Sainte Catherines
Album Name The Soda Machine
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 24 Juni 2008
Labels Indica
Musik GenrePunk-Rock
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen1


1. Still Not Getting Any...Credibility
2. Theme Song for Another Brown Tuesday
3. My Ass Is on Fuego, What About Yours?
4. Hardcore Is Stupid
5. Sour Grapes
6. Burn Guelph Burn
7. There's Shit in Your Veggie Dog
8. Fuck the Truck
9. Westward Bound
10. Broken Cigarette
11. October 4th: the International Day of Lies
12. The Unforgiven 3 (Best Song Ever)
13. Sweetness Kills
14. Aderman, Aderman, Mais Qu’est-ce Que Tu As Fait Aderman?
15. The International Badminton Championship : la P’Tite Grise VS Jeff
16. Drinking Anti Freeze for Fun
17. You Smell Like Greed, Dirty Bastard
18. Fuck G-20, Go V-8!
19. You Shall Rise Again from Your Own Ashes
20. October 4th: the International Day of Lies
21. There's Shit in Your Veggie Dog
22. Spare Change Zone Four
23. Trade Your Life for Mags
24. Powerless Power
25. Bright Stars