Scheherazade and Other Stories

Liste der Bands Symphonic Prog Renaissance Scheherazade and Other Stories
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Band Name Renaissance
Album Name Scheherazade and Other Stories
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 1975
Labels Sire Records
Musik GenreSymphonic Prog
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen11


1. Trip to the Fair 10:51
2. The Vultures Fly High 03:04
3. Ocean Gypsy 07:05
4. Song of Scheherazade 24:39
a/ Fanfare (Instrumental) 00:38
b/ The Betrayal (Instrumental) 02:05
c/ The Sultan 04:45
d/ Love Theme (Instrumental) 02:42
e/ The Young Prince and Princess As Told by Scheherazade 02:29
f/ Festival Preparations (Instrumental) 05:11
g/ Fugue for the Sultan (Instrumental) 02:10
h/ The Festival 02:10
i/ Finale 02:29
Total playing time 45:39