Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998–2005)

Liste der Bands Indie Rock Bright Eyes Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998–2005)
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Band Name Bright Eyes
Album Name Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998–2005)
Type Compilation
Erscheinungsdatum 24 Oktober 2006
Labels Saddle Creek
Musik GenreIndie Rock
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1. Mirrors and Fevers
2. I Will Be Grateful for This Day
3. Trees Get Wheeled Away
4. Drunk Kid Catholic
5. Spent on Rainy Days
6. The Vanishing Act)
7. Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
8. Blue Angels Air Show
9. Weather Reports
10. Seashell Tale
11. Bad Blood
12. Amy in the White Coa
13. Devil Town
14. I've Been Eating
15. Happy Birthday to Me
16. Motion Sickness
17. Act of Contrition