Inferno - the Odyssey Continues

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Band Name Alien Sex Fiend
Album Name Inferno - the Odyssey Continues
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum November 1994
Musik GenreGothic Rock
Mitglieder die dieses Album besitzen0


The Good
1. Inferno
2. Human Installation
3. Take Off Tune
4. Space 1
5. Happy Tune
6. Planet 1
7. Human Atmosphere
8. Happy Finale
The Bad
9. Alien Installation
10. Dramatic Tune
11. Moon Toon
12. Planet 2
13. Bad News
14. Space 2
15. Alien Atmosphere
16. Death Tune
17. Sad Finale
And the Mixes
18. Moon Toon (Lunarphases Mix) by ASF & Danny Dawson
19. Planet 2 (Together's Dreamscape Mix) by Suddi Raval
20. Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) by Youth

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Alien Sex Fiend