Horsebreaker Star

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Band Name Grant McLennan
Album Name Horsebreaker Star
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 1994
Musik GenreIndie Rock
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Released as double CD.
CD 1
1. Simone And Perry
2. Ice In Heaven
3. What Went Wrong
4. Race Day Rag
5. Don't You Cry For Me No More
6. Put You Down
7. Late Afternoon In Early August
8. Coming Up For Air
9. Ballad OF Easy Rider
10. Open Invitation
11. Open My Eyes
12. From My Lips
CD 2
1. Dropping You
2. Hot Water
3. Keep My Word
4. Do Your Own Thing
5. That's That
6. If I Was A Girl
7. Head Over Heels
8. Girl In A Beret
9. All Her Songs
10. No Peace In The Palace
11. I'll Call You Wild
12. Horsebreaker Star