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Band Name Barefoot Jerry
Album Name Grocery
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 1976
Labels Monument
Musik GenreSouthern Rock
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1. Hospitality Song
2. I'm Proud to Be a Redneck
3. Smokies
4. Quit While You're a Head
5. Blood Is Not the Answer
6. Come to Me Tonight
7. Finishing Touches
8. The Minstrel Is Free at Last
9. Nobody Knows
10. That's Ok, He'll Be Your Brother Someday
1. Castle Rock
2. One Woman
3. In God We Trust
4. Message
5. Friends
6. Snuff Queen
7. Little Maggie
8. Warm
9. Fish 'n Tits
10. Ain't it Nice in Here
11. Ebenezer