Cocktails & Dreams

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Band Name The Lawrence Arms
Album Name Cocktails & Dreams
Type Compilation
Erscheinungsdatum 2005
Musik GenrePunk-Rock
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1. Instransit
2. Quincentuple Your Money
3. 100 Resolutions
4. There's No Place Like a Stranger's Floor
5. Hey, What Time is "Pensacola: Wings of Gold" On Anyway?
6. Presenting: The Dancing Machine (The Robot With the Monkey Head)
7. Overheated
8. Necrotism: Decanting the Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Party 7
9. A Boring Story
10. Faintly Falling Ashes
11. A Toast
12. Nebraska
13. Another Boring Story
14. Joyce Carol Oates Is a Boring Old Biddy
15. The Old Timer's 2x4
16. Turnstiles (Hidden: Old Mexico Way, Purple Haze, Heaven Help Me)