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Band Name R. Stevie Moore
Album Name 1984U.
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum April 1984
Labels HP Music
Musik GenreIndie Rock
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1. Hey Rachel
2. Stayin' Alive
3. Vocal Focus
4. Blues Formidable
5. Everything
6. Ethan Sequence
7. Something Else Entirely
8. Trouble Dolls (Instead)
9. Radios
10. Battered Misters
11. Oh Pat
12. Bigger Than the Beatles
13. Scramsville
14. The Most Powerful Statement in History
15. Exercise
16. Here There and Everywhere
17. Column 8884
18. Absolutely Unprofessional
19. Pretty Musica
20. Steviestorys by John Savory
21. Cattle Call
22. Pastor of Polaris
23. A Pat on the Back

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R. Stevie Moore