Jefferson Airplane : Signe Toly Anderson is passing away

礼拜六 10 十二月 2016 - 10:35:57 by Old_Boy

After the Paul Kantner death, one of the Jefferson Airplane's founder member, we heard about the death of the singer Signe Toly Anderson on January 28, the same day when Paul Kantner died and at the age 74 too.

If Her name is not matched with the Jefferson Airplane's glories years, she would have be even so the frontwoman's band between summer 1965 and october 15th 1966 (last tour date with the band as a singer at The Fillmore). She left Jefferson Airplane and ended her singer career after giving birth to a daughter.

Rest in peace lady

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antuqrist - 11 一月 2020 à 15:01:51

that is sad -loss thou good singer and woman.