The Best of Dogbowl, Volume II

乐队列表 Rock Fusion Dogbowl The Best of Dogbowl, Volume II
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Band Name Dogbowl
Album Name The Best of Dogbowl, Volume II
Type Compilation
发布日期 2001
出版公司 62 TV Records
音乐风格Rock Fusion


1. Hot Day in Waco
2. Hello Helen
3. Womanizer
4. Silkwork Exploding
5. Nothing Better
6. Bus
7. Growing Up in a Wheelchair
8. Love Bomb
9. Oklahoma
10. City on the Sidewalk
11. Anastasia
12. Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain
13. Going Out on a Date (with a Girl That You Like)
14. South American Eye
15. The President Was Shot
16. On the Monkey Bars
17. Cigars, Guitars + Topless Bars
18. Gunsmoke
19. Blue Fur Bossom Girl