Silent Emotions

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Band Name Vanilla Ninja
Album Name Silent Emotions
Type Compilation
发布日期 16 十一月 2005
出版公司 Pony Canyon Inc.
音乐风格Melodique Rock


1. Just Another Day to Live (Classical Version)
2. Don’t You Realize (Classical Version)
3. My Puzzle of Dreams (Classical Version)
4. Looking for a Hero (Classical Version)
5. Blue Tattoo (Classical Version)
6. Traces of Sadness (Classical Version)
7. Heartless (Classical Version)
8. The Coldest Night (Classical Version)
9. Cool Vibes (Classical Version)
10. Corner of My Mind (Classical Version)
11. Nero (Classical Version)
12. Liar (Unplugged Version)
13. Don’t Go too Fast (Unplugged Version)
14. I Know (Unplugged Version)
15. Tough Enough (Unplugged Version)
16. Metal Queen (Unplugged Version)
DVD Bonus (Japanese Edition)
1. Blue Tattoo (Video Clip)
2. I Know (Video Clip)
3. Cool Vibes (Video Clip)