Out of the Grave and into the Dark

乐队列表 Horror Punk Balzac Out of the Grave and into the Dark
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Band Name Balzac
Album Name Out of the Grave and into the Dark
Type Compilation
发布日期 2005
出版公司 Rykodisc
音乐风格Horror Punk


CD :
1. The Grave - Dreizen
2. Zetsubou-No-Ano-Basyo-E
3. Season Of The Dead
4. Inside My Eyes
5. Shi-Wo-Yubi-Sasu
6. The Pain Is All Around
7. Came Out Of The Grave
8. Beyond Evil 308
9. Art Of Dying
10. The World Without End, The Pain Is Not Around (reprise)
11. I'm Losing You
12. Beware Of Darkness (2004 version)
13. I Know
14. Gimme Some Truth (bonus track)
15. Beyond Evil 308, Pt. 1
16. D.A.R.K.
17. Blood Inside '68
18. Beyond Evil 308, Pt. 2
19. Gyakusatsu-No-Mukougawa
20. XXXxxx
21. I Can't Stand It Anymore
22. Yami-No-Hikari-E
Bonus DVD :
1. D.A.R.K. (Music Video)
2. Inside My Eyes (Music Video)
3. Season Of The Dead (Music Video)
4. Marchen aus dem Horrorwald
5. Zetsubou-No-Ano-Basyo-E (live at O-East)
6. The End Of Century (live at O-East)
7. Violent Paradise (live at O-East)
8. Monster 1 (live at O-East)
9. Into The Light Of The 13 Dark Night (live at O-East)
10. Eerie Night (Audio only Bonus Track)
11. Taste Of Blood (Audio only Bonus Track)
12. Horrorwood (Audio only Bonus Track)
13. Inside My Eyes (Unreleased Verion) (Audio only Bonus Track)
14. Season Of The Dead (Single Version) (Audio only Bonus Track)