One Struggle One Fight

乐队列表 Punkcore Varukers One Struggle One Fight
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Band Name Varukers
Album Name One Struggle One Fight
Type Album
发布日期 30 一月 2007
出版公司 Phantom


1. Persistent Resistance
2. We Hint at Things Nuclear
3. In South Afrika
4. Fear of Mankind
5. Will they Never Learn
6. Killed by Man's Own Hand
7. Animal's an Animal
8. Protect not Disect
9. How Can Your Conscience Allow This to Go on
10. Stop the Killing
11. Enter of a New Phase
12. Lesson we Must Never Forget
13. One Struggle One Fight
14. Massacred Millions
15. Thatcher's Fortress
16. Bomb Blast
17. United we Stand
18. Stop the Killing
19. Blood Money
20. Seek and Destroy
21. We Have the Right