Missing Links Volume 2: The Sky Road

乐队列表 Progressive Rock Anthony Phillips Missing Links Volume 2: The Sky Road
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Band Name Anthony Phillips
Album Name Missing Links Volume 2: The Sky Road
Type Album
发布日期 1994
音乐风格Progressive Rock


1. Exile
2. Lifeboat Suite
a/ Opening Theme
b/Sunday Morning
c/Another Shout
d/ Across the Sandbar
e/ Storm Warning : Kim Waits
f/ The Rescue of the Janet C
g/ Let Not the Deep Swallow me Up
h/ Closing Theme
3. The Bitter Suite
a/ Part I
b/ Part II
4. Across the River Styx
5. A Flock of Souls
6. Along the Towpath
7. The Sky Road
8. Tears on a Rainy Day
9. Tiwai : Island of the Apes
a/ Bats
b/ In the Firmament
10. Wild Voices, Quiet Water Suite
a/ Twilight on the Lake
b/ Winterloons
c/ Waterstar
d/ Serenita
11. Timepiece
12. Field of Eternity (excerpts from original version)
13. The Beggar and the Thief

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