Fall to Your Knees

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Band Name DieMonsterDie
Album Name Fall to Your Knees
Type Album
发布日期 2010
出版公司 Dr Cyclope Records


1. QuidQuid Latine Dictum Sit Altum Vidatur
2. Lyka the Russian Space Dog Will Have Her Revenge
3. Double Murder Suicide
4. She Looks Like You
5. Sky Bleeds Red
6. Lucky Number 666
7. Dead Flowers
8. All Covered in Blood and Dressed Like a Whore
9. The World Needs Monsters
10. A Ship with Black Sails
11. From Screaming Graves We Rise
12. Midnight Run to Houston
13. A Priest and a Zombie Rent a Fishing Boat As Friends
14. Deep Space Isolation Psychosis
15. How Many People Do I Have to Kill Before You Know I Love You
16. The Dead Shall Inherit the Earth