Communication and Conviction

乐队列表 Folk Punk The Tossers Communication and Conviction
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Band Name The Tossers
Album Name Communication and Conviction
Type Album
发布日期 27 二月 2001
出版公司 Thick Records
音乐风格Folk Punk


1. Young Ned Of The Hill
2. Maidrin Rua / Tell Me Ma
3. Seven Drunken Nights
4. Aye Sir
5. Thirty Days In The Hole
6. D'ampton Worm
7. Last Rights Of The Plummeting Thermometer
8. Finnegan's Wake
9. When You Get Here
10. Dancin' Shoes
11. Buckets Of Beer
12. I Know Where I'm Goin'
13. Chelsea Girls
14. Sleepin' In A Dust Bin
15. Irish Whiskey
16. Fall On The Floor
17. Everything's Bad
18. Alone
19. Johnny I
20. Papers And Pins
21. Irish Rover