And the Glass Handed Kites

乐队列表 Indie Rock Mew And the Glass Handed Kites
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Band Name Mew
Album Name And the Glass Handed Kites
Type Album
发布日期 19 九月 2005
出版公司 Sony BMG
音乐风格Indie Rock


1. Circuitry of the Wolf
2. Chinaberry Tree
3. Why Are You Looking Grave?
4. Fox Cub
5. Apocalypso
6. Special
7. The Zookeeper's Boy
8. A Dark Design
9. Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December)
10. An Envoy to the Open Fields
11. Small Ambulance
12. The Seething Rain Weeps for You (Uda Pruda)
13. White Lips Kissed
14. Louise Louisa