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2017-03-15 : The Roulette : New photo gallery
2017-03-14 : Lucy in Blue : New photo gallery
2017-03-12 : MaidaVale : New photo gallery
2017-03-05 : Ceasetone : New photo gallery
2017-02-28 : Bagira : Новый альбом группы Багира
2017-01-29 : The Sonics : New photo gallery
2017-01-09 : Marillion : New photo gallery
2016-12-13 : Of Monsters And Men : New photo gallery
2016-12-10 : MadÂme: new single and new video online
2016-12-10 : Jefferson Airplane : Signe Toly Anderson is passing away
2016-12-09 : New video-clip : Joe Bonamassa & Robben Ford Leo Fender special
2016-12-09 : Led Zeppelin : New video-clip : LED ZEPPELIN - PHYSICAL GRAFFITI (SUPER DELUXE EDITION) Unboxing
2016-12-09 : New video-clip : Watch Alice Cooper LIVE from Austin, TX on PPV!
2016-12-09 : chILL RELEASES NEW EP "Artificially Alive" COVER AND TRACKLIST
2016-12-07 : New video-clip : Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 40th Anniversary Edition
2016-12-07 : The Pixies : New video-clip : PIXIES - MAGDALENA
2016-12-07 : New video-clip : Joe Bonamassa - Mountain Time Live from the Royal Albert Hall 2009
2016-12-07 : New video-clip : Bruce Springsteen - Just Like Fire Would
2016-12-07 : New video-clip : Joe Bonamassa - Ball Peen Hammer live at the Vienna Opera House
2016-12-07 : New video-clip : The Rolling Stones - Miss You - Live 1997

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Maio 2017
Kraftwerk : Autobahn
Kraftwerk : Autobahn
Some people may find it surprising that someone who listens death metal and black metal bands like Carcass, Burzum, Autopsy, and Emperor would have
InfinityZero : 18/20
Blue October : History for Sale
Blue October : History for Sale
Well I think History for Sale is one of the best (no it is the best) album(s) Blue October ever have produced. Singer-Songwriter and producer Justin
Jan91 : 20/20
Blue October : Approaching Normal
Blue October : Approaching Normal
Approaching Normal, produced by singer Justin Furstenfeld and co-produced by Steve Lillywhite is Blue October's fifth studio album released at the
Jan91 : 20/20
Save Our Souls : Faces of the Moment
Save Our Souls : Faces of the Moment
Faces of the Moment is the first full CD of the band I have bought in a German webstore after I listened to their promo song ''Hard to Be Human''
Jan91 : 19/20
Save Our Souls : Are We Innocent?
Save Our Souls : Are We Innocent?
Are We Innocent? the album debüt by LA-based Emo metal quintett Chiba-Ken (now Save Our Souls) founded by Elias Tannous, Justin D'Amelio and George
Jan91 : 17/20
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