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Current line-up

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Brian May
: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard,
[since 1970], founder member, Rock Therapy, The Brian May Band, ex-Smile, ex-Phenomena, ex-Black Sabbath (guest)
Adam Lambert
: Vocals,
[since 2011], live member
Spike Edney
: Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard,
[since 1984], live member, ex-Edwin Starr, ex-Dexys Midnight Runners, ex-The Cross
Rufus Tiger Taylor
: Drums, Back Vocals, Percussions,
[since 2011], live member
Roger Taylor
: Vocals, Drums, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions,
[since 1970], founder member, Roger Taylor, ex-The Reaction, ex-Smile, ex-The Cross

Past members

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Jamie Moses : Guitar, Back Vocals, [1998-2009], live member
Paul Rodgers : Vocals, [2004-2009], live member, Paul Rodgers, ex-Free, ex-Bad Company, ex-The Firm, ex-The Law
Morgan Fisher : Keyboard, [1982], live member, ex-Mott The Hoople, ex-British Lions
Barry Mitchell : Bass, [1971]
Doug Ewood Bogie : Bass, [1971]
Mike Grose : Bass, [1970-1971]
John Deacon : Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions, [1971-1997], founder member, The Immortals
Freddie Mercury (aka Farrokh Bulsara) : Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Tambourine [1970-1991], died 24/11/1991 (sida), founder member, ex-Ibex (UK), ex-Sour Milk Sea
Danny Miranda : Bass, Back Vocals, [2005-2009], live member


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  • Queen - The Show Must Go on

  • Queen - Liar (A Day at the Races tour 1977)

  • Queen - Another One Bites the Dust

  • Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

  • Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You

  • Queen - Liar (from Greatest Hits)

  • Spread Your Wings

  • Queen- Get Down Make Love

  • Queen - Breakthru

  • Queen- Tie Your Mother Down

  • Queen- Death On Two Legs Medley

  • Queen - Headlong

  • Who Wants To Live Forever (Highlander Scenes)

  • Queen Highlander Princes of the universe

  • Queen-Dragon Attack (Live in Rio '85)rare

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