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Paul McCartney
: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano


McCartney (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Ram (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Wild Life (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Red Rose Speedway (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Band on the Run (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Venus and Mars (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
At the Speed of Sound (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Wings Over America (Live - )mp3  
Thrillington (Album - )   
London Town (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Back to the Egg (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
McCartney II (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Tug of War (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Pipes of Peace (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Give My Regards to Broad Street (Album - )mp3  
Press to Play (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Choba B Cccp (Album - )mp3  
Flowers in the Dirt (Album - )mp3  
Tripping the Live Fantastic (Live - )mp3  
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) (Live - )mp3Lyrics 
Liverpool Oratorio (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Off the Ground (Album - )mp3  
Paul Is Live (Live - )mp3  
Flaming Pie (Album - )mp3  
Standing Stone (Album - )   
Run Devil Run (Album - )mp3  
Working Classical (Album - )   
A Garland for Linda (Album - )   
Driving Rain (Album - )mp3  
Back in the U.S. (Live - )mp3  
Back in the World (Live - )mp3  
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Ecce Cor Meum (Album - )mp3  
Memory Almost Full (Album - )mp3  
Good Evening New-York City (Live - )mp3  
Kisses on the Bottom (Album - )mp3  
New (Album - )   


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