You Won't Be Alive Forever

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Band Name Overdust
Album Name You Won't Be Alive Forever
Type Album
Data wpisu 2010
Wydawcy brak wydawcy
Styl muzycznyRock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album1


1. Maybe Tomorrow
2. Now I'm Free
3. Watch Over Me
4. Because Love
5. I Should Have Lied
6. How Long
7. Just Let Me Go Home
8. Mother's Farewell
9. Blind Moral
10. Breeze of the Night
11. You Won't Be Alive Forever

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Artykuł @ Zaitoichi

12 Luty 2010
You Won’t Be Alive Forever is the debut album by Overdust. The album brings up issues concerting people’s lives in all it’s meanings: hope, disapointment, love, hate, joy, sadness...
The main message is summed in the tittle track – You Won’t Be Alive Forever – live as much as you can today in every aspect of your own life. After all, what could be more important than giving meaning to life?
The songs also talk, in a funny way, about other dilemmas in people’s relationships that come out of gender differences and the lack of ability one have to understand the other’s point of view, as in I Should Have Lied.
Because Love, in the other hand, is a joyful rock n´roll song which talks about how people can’t help falling in love. Even knowing how much love shakes up everything you know and everything you are, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
After writing more than 50 songs, the band is in the studio, the album is expected to be released on Summer, and everybody is, of course, having lots of fun in one of the most rocking cities of the US.

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