If You're Feeling Sinister

lista zespołów Pop Rock Belle And Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister
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Band Name Belle And Sebastian
Album Name If You're Feeling Sinister
Type Album
Data wpisu 18 Listopad 1996
Wydawcy Matador
Styl muzycznyPop Rock
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album4


1. The Stars of Track and Field 04:48
2. Seeing Other People 03:48
3. Me and the Major 03:51
4. Like Dylan in the Movies 04:14
5. The Fox in the Snow 04:11
6. Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying 03:26
7. If You're Feeling Sinister 05:21
8. Mayfly 03:42
9. The Boy Done Wrong Again 04:17
10. Judy and the Dream of Horses 03:40
Total Playing time 00:41:17