Fast Forward

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Band Name Heideroosjes
Album Name Fast Forward
Type Album
Data wpisu 2001
Wydawcy Epitaph Records
Styl muzycznyPunkcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1.Nimby (Not in My Backyard) (1:41)
2.Nothing's Wrong (3:03)
3.Ik Wil Niks! (3:11)
4.We're All Fucked Up! (2:39)
5.3 Needs 2 Get a Grip (1:45)6.Thank You (For Messing Me Up) (2:24)
7.Malen in M'n Kop (2:15)
8.Billy Broke a Bottle (Again) (3:07)
9.Home (2:26)
10.Rechtsstaat (1:38)
11.Last Call to Humanity (3:12)12.Freak of Society (1:58)13.Can't Stand Your Face (3:06)14.Tattoo (1:46)
15.(Some Lines About) a Love Song Lyrics (3:03)
16.Since 1989 (2:01)